Why You Need Mental Fitness Activities if You Want a Healthy & Successful Life And How To Achieve It With Simple Exercises For The Brain


mental fitness activities
Do You want To Suffer Because You Are Not Mentally Fit ???

Do you want to suffer from Mental Diseases like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc. in your old age? Do you wish you had Better Memory, Concentration and Awareness while going about your daily tasks?

Then the only answer is that you have to start taking action to do Mental Fitness Activities right away, the earlier the better.

The reason is that if you neglect doing the Exercises for Mental Fitness to keep your brain agile and sharp, then it is a sure way of letting it rot and lose whatever capacity it had.

By scheduling a daily dose of Fitness Activities for the Mind you are keeping the psyche tuned to take up any challenge you may face during the day or in your daily occupation.


what is mental fitness
Ther are Many Simple Ways to Get Mentally Fit

So, what exactly is Mental Fitness? Many of the cricketers who have been under my coaching have always asked me how to improve Mental Fitness. And my answer to them has always been the same over the past 20 years.

The first aspect is that the Mind must always be stable and balanced. This means that neither does it overreact when there is danger, trauma, injury or loss, nor should it go out of control when they achieve success, accomplish goals, gain money or complete a challenge.

The other aspect is that the mind should always respond to a situation (whatever it is), never react impulsively or compulsively. The word “Responsibility” must be understood for what it actually stands for viz. “Response-Ability” or the Ability to Respond.

Another sign of Good Mental Fitness is to have Stability of Emotions, where the individual is not carried away by emotional happenings, but is able to think and act in a rational way as per the requirements of the situation.

Ancient Yogis (and some modern ones too) have long been known to exhibit total calmness and composure, whatever the circumstances of their life, and a peek into their lives will show us how we too can become Mentally Strong.


importance of mental fitness
If You Want To Have a Happy Life You Have To Be Mentally Fit

Most people are aware that it is next to impossible to control the flow of thoughts in our mind or still it, even for a few moments. Most of the time nearly every individual is having a diarrhoea of thoughts running through the mind.

What this continuous run of thoughts does is to prevent you from taking decisions with a clear mind and you end up making many mistakes that you regret later.

The Limbic System in the brain is so wired to protect you from danger and keep you from harm, that most of the time there are only negative thoughts fleeting through your mind, at the ratio of nearly 3:1 for every positive thought.

This creates a Negative Bias in the Brain which can’t be easily overcome. The Secret of Mental Fitness is to learn how to handle these negative thoughts and convert them positively so that you are empowered and not mentally disabled in life.


components of mental fitness
Mental Fitness is Made Up of Many Components Activating Different Parts Of The Mind

The main Features and Characteristics of Mental Fitness can be fully understood if we juxtapose it with that seen in Physical Fitness.

In Sports, the aspect of Physical Fitness is mainly determined and tested by the factors of Speed, Endurance, Strength, Flexibility and Agility. Enlarging this to other critical parameters we also get Speed-Endurance, Strength-Endurance and Power (which is the output of Strength, Flexibility and Agility).

The equivalent features of Mental Fitness will then be Mental Speed, Mental Endurance, Mental Strength, Mental Flexibility and Mental Agility. The ultimate component of Mental Fitness is Mental Power or more commonly known as Mind Power.

Let us see in brief what the Parameters of Mental Fitness actually are:

Mental Speed

This can be described as the time taken by someone to do a Mental Task. It is actually a measure of the capacity of the working memory. It differs among individuals and is thought to be determined by the efficiency of the Neural Network in the brain.

Mental Endurance

This aspect is also sometimes known as Mental Stamina and many people confuse it with Mental Toughness. This is the ability of a person to work on mentally draining assignment for long periods of time. This quality is rare in the world as the brain uses up vast amounts of energy when in high powered activity and thus needs constant refuelling to keep it going.

Mental Strength

How strong your mind is will determine to what extent you can face the constant challenges you face in life without breaking down. This facet of the mind is also mistakenly thought to be a measure of Mental Toughness. In another article I have given the Meaning of Mental Toughness, which actually is the end result of building up our mind with so many other qualities.

Mental Flexibility

The ability to be not rigid whenever faced with extenuating circumstances, but being willing to change our thought patterns to what is necessary for that moment, can be termed as Mental Flexibility. It is the readiness to adapt to anything that presents itself on your life’s journey and take advantage of it.

Mental Agility

The ability to move your mind quickly away from something and make the necessary modification to get maximum benefit from that opportunity is called Mental Agility. This is a very important attribute to have in many settings where it is a matter of life and death.

Mind Power

This is the single most sought after accomplishment that Yogis, Saints, Sages and Seers have been searching for many millennia. All Mental Fitness Activities are geared to help you maximise the Power Of Your Mind, so that you can chart out your own destiny and achieve anything that you put your mind to. Everything of value that has ever been accomplished by humankind, first started off as an idea in the mind. Mental Fitness is the first step in that direction.


exercises for mental fitness
Simple Brain Exercises Can GIve You Mental Fitness

It has been proved scientifically that the brain and consequently the mind benefit tremendously by exercising the physical body. Even 10-20 minutes of physical exercise can do wonders for your Mental Health.

Besides physically moving the various limbs of the body it is absolutely essential that the different parts of the brain also be moved in a physical manner by doing the appropriate exercises for it.

This is not as difficult as people think it is and most don’t know that doing Mental Exercises for as little as 30 minutes a day has far reaching advantages that will make their lives calm, peaceful and joyful.

Some of the Proven Mental Fitness Exercises, both physical and intellectual are given below:


There have been so many articles written on the benefits of walking that it needs no special mention here. The entire body is exercised by walking 20 to 30 minutes a day or around 2 hours a week, and it is a great source of fuel for the brain. This can be done by anybody at any age, by adjusting the pace and intensity according to the physical condition of the body.

Jogging & Running

Those who are generally physically fit are better off by jogging at a steady pace, as this is great for blood circulation in the brain. Those involved in sporting activities can take up running in various forms. One of the modes that is really beneficial is the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which really toughens up the mind in many ways.

Cycling & Swimming

These two activities have great payoff benefits as there is a certain synchronisation and coordination necessary to perform it. This activates parts of the brain involved in motor skills which ultimately proves to be of great help to make the mind agile and think faster.

Board Games & Rubik Cubes

Many Board Games stimulates the mind much more than the normal academic curriculum will do. Playing Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly, Ludo, Backgammon, Chinese Checkers, etc make the mind sharp and activates the critical thinking area of it. The variety of Rubik Cubes available today along with similar puzzles inspired by it give the brain a good workout, even if practiced for a few minutes.

Crosswords, Puzzles & Sudoku

For centuries Crossword Jumbles & Jigsaw Puzzles have fascinated children and adults alike and today it has been found that they are very good for Mental Fitness Development. Recent research has proved that regularly trying out your hand at activities like Jumbles and Sudoku can delay and even prevent the onset of brain deterioration, which is the primary cause of Mental Health Problems.

Video Games

Though parents may not like the results of research done on the mental development of children who play video games, it is a fact that their brains show more stimulation and motor skills are greatly enhanced. Games which employ strategy and tactics boost the lateral thinking capacity of the children as well as improve their planning and creativity.

Meditation & Mindfulness

From my experience and the experience of millions of others, the Best Exercise for Mental Fitness is Meditation and Mindfulness. There are many methods of Meditation, and it has been proved that any method followed diligently and consistently leads to a certain Clarity of Mind, along with Serenity and Tranquillity. Mindfulness exercises bring you more into the present, dramatically improving your Awareness and Consciousness.

Food for the Mind

While this cannot strictly be called a Mental Fitness Exercise, it is an absolutely vital ingredient for a Sound and Fit Mind. It has been a well known fact in the Yogic Culture that what you eat has a lot to say about how your Mental State will be. Many foods bring dullness and lethargy to the brain and these foods must be avoided at all costs. Moreover, indulging in intoxicants and alcohol does enormous damage to the brain in a very gradual manner, which is visible only years later.


benefits of mental fitness
Life becomes Wonderful When Your Are Mentally Fit

There are no two opinions that it is absolutely essential for everyone to be Mentally Fit as all our actions in the world have to be controlled and managed by the mind and even if there is a small lack in our capability to handle things, it could mean a big loss for us in Physical, Social or Financial terms. Some very typical Benefits of Mental Fitness is described here briefly:

Present Moment Awareness

The Primary Benefit from having a Mentally Fit State is to be totally grounded to reality as it happens from moment to moment. Instead of reacting blindly to each and every incident in life, you will be able to take a second to appraise the situation and respond with a well thought out decision. Impulsiveness and compulsiveness become a thing of the past and you are totally in control of your choices and its consequences.

Improvement of Brain Function

Mental Exercises have been established to improve all aspects of the functioning of the brain, especially the firming up of the Neural Paths. This can lead to better Motor Skills, more Memory Retention and Recall, more Creativity and a Shaper Intellect. The Intelligence to do the Right Thing at the Right Time according to what is needed is a natural outcome of being Mentally Fit.

Better Emotional Control

Emotions are the extension of thoughts and when your thinking is under your command, then your emotions also can be kept under check. You will feel more optimistic and confident and have more Self-Belief. Your Self-Esteem increases, infusing you with new-found energy and enthusiasm.

Good Conscious Habits

When you are always rooted in the Present your habits don’t play out unconsciously, so you have the power to develop a positive empowering way of life and ensure you do it in a conscious manner. Since negative thinking will be almost absent or can be quickly converted to positive ones with superior awareness, you can easily inculcate a healthy and powerful lifestyle.

Improved Relationships

One of the side benefits of those who know How to Improve Mental Fitness in a steady manner, is that their relationships with their spouses, family, peers, colleagues and social acquaintances get better over time. Empathy and Understanding for other people are greatly enhanced and this brings about a certain respect and admiration from other people.


Peace and Joyfulness Are a Direct Result of Being Mentally Fit

Now that you have a fair idea of What Mental Fitness is All About, I will give some invaluable Mental Fitness Tips which have been in vogue for many hundreds of years, and have proved priceless to millions of people. These are everyday actions of yours, which if done with sincerity and a genuine desire to improve your Mental Condition, will work wonders in ways you can never imagine.

Experiment with Life

One of the best ways to keep your mind razor-sharp is to try new activities every once in a while. Studying a new language or skill, trying out some novel cuisine, learning to play an instrument or visiting some pristine locations all have the ability to keep your mind alert and observant. This is also a way to be involved more with life, giving you long-lasting happiness.

Maintain a Diary/Journal

The surest way to make sure that you continue to strengthen your memory is to record your daily experiences in a Diary or Journal for that purpose. This could also help as a chronicle for the gratitude you feel for all the things that you are fortunate to enjoy in this life. The same effect can be achieved by writing a Blog or indulging in Story Writing.

Be Aware of Your Body & Thoughts

Practicing meditation can be a great way to instill discipline and order to the wild thoughts that go through the mind constantly. If you find this difficult, you can at least take time off during the day to be aware of the thoughts going on in your mind. There is no need to judge it or label it, just watching it gives a lot of stability and strength to the mind. Some time can also be spent noticing the sensations in the body, just observing it without reacting.

Do Breathing Exercises

You might have noticed that every time your mind is in turmoil your breathing also shows a change. By proper control of your breath through moderated pace of your breathing, you can bring rapid change to your thoughts and emotions. In the Yogic Culture, “Pranayama” or Breath Control plays an important part in all practices. Many have turned to Yoga for Mental Fitness and have been rewarded with untold successes.

Sleep Well

It is a well known fact that sleep is absolutely essential for good Mental Health. Make sleeping early and getting up early an inherent element of your daily routine and you will feel refreshed and mentally fresh for all that you have to do during the day.

Try Visualization Techniques

Every day when you get up in the morning, visualize how you would like the day to pan out and hold that image for a few minutes. Never think about what you don’t want, only what you want. At night before you drop off to sleep, visualize all that took place during your waking hours and reinforce what you did right and picture yourself doing it again. If something didn’t go your way, see yourself doing the right thing. These rehearsals will build up your Mental Powers and give you astonishing results.

          In conclusion it can be said that Mental Fitness Activities are an absolute must for every person, regardless of their age or gender. It is not that by improving your Mental Fitness it will make all the troubles and worries in your life go away. But you will be the Master of Your Mind, so much so that you can face all the ups and downs of life with fortitude and courage, and come out a winner for sure.

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